by Alicia Mae Hirté | Sep 27, 2018

I’m again testing the Sublue White Shark MIX! 

This time, our mission was to find out if this is the perfect underwater scooter for KIDS!

A few weeks ago, Brian and I tested the White Shark MIX- an underwater scooter by a company called Sublue. If you haven’t seen that video, please join us for an unboxing of the gear and some tips on how to use it. You can also see my initial tests in our backyard pool, as well as in the Gulf of Mexico!

Sublue was so excited to see how much fun we had with their scooter, they asked if I could find out how much fun some KIDS would have with it. Since my baby girl is far too young to swim, we met up with some friends who had two seven year old twins, as well as a nine year old.

These kids have an awesome outdoor pool and are very strong swimmers! We were curious to find out if the White Shark MIX would make a great underwater scooter for kids, or if they would find it boring and difficult to use. Yeah right!

Just as we imagined, the kids LOVED the underwater scooter!

The girls had a blast zipping from one end of the pool to the other. They quickly got the hang of using the scooter and decided that it wasn’t at all difficult to learn. The 9 year old was most comfortable using it, but the 7 year old twins loved it as well and quickly got better and better with practice!

After fighting a bit over whose turn it was to use the scooter, they decided to all share by forming a family train of sisters! They even got Dad on board to serve as Master Scooter Operator. You will have to watch the video to see all of this crazy family fun with the underwater scooter!

WATCH THE VIDEO ▶︎ Filming with an UNDERWATER SCOOTER! The Whiteshark MIX by Sublue

I’d like to thank Sublue for sponsoring this video and giving these kids the opportunity to test out this fun piece of gear!

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I hope you enjoy my demo and review of this cool underwater scooter for family fun and pool time entertainment for kids. Head over to the video on YouTube and leave me a comment to share your thoughts!

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xx, Alicia


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