Gift Ideas for Scuba Divers

Gift Ideas for Scuba Divers

Getting the right gift for a scuba diving friend or partner is often a challenge, and, if you’re not a diver, buying a gift for one can be somewhat confusing. Diver or not, to make it easier for you, we’ve divided the list into sections. You can relax – whatever the occasion, there’s something for every scuba diver on this list!

  • Underwater Photography
  • For the smoothest footage with an action camera, you need to be able to control the camera in the water. There are sometimes when you need to film underwater but you also need your hands free. The solution is to clip your action camera to any of your belonging and let it film wherever you look. 

  • Travel Map
  • Every diver dreams of one day voyaging to far-flung places on this planet to seek out underwater treasures. Help your loved ones remember where they’ve been and plan where they want to go next with a travel map.

  • Practical Dive Gifts
  • If you want to go all-out, invest a little more in a scuba diving repair kit. Make sure the kit includes wrenches, screwdrivers, pliers, tie wraps, silicone grease, and O-rings, everything your friend will need to patch up minor technical problems on their dive trip.

  • Travel Gift Ideas
  • Diving and travel go hand in hand which means airline luggage restrictions are the thorn in the side of any diver. Be sure to find a scale that can weigh up to 50kg (110lbs) and come with a strap to make them easy to hang bags on them. They’re the ideal bit of kit to use to weigh luggage before leaving so that there are no nasty surprises at the airport.

  • Clothing Gifts
  • Help your diver avoid awkward situations with a nifty one-size-fits-all changing towel. Find something that is made of thick microfiber, because it’s great to use for changing in and out of a wetsuit or to keep warm between dives. Also, look for something that comes with a hood and handy pockets for storing a phone and other small items.

    When you’re not a scuba diver yourself, it’s hard to know what gifts will be appreciated. But even if you’re not a fan of scuba diving, we hope that this list will help you not get stumped on gift ideas for your diver friends and family!

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