Sublue in NAB Show Live in Las Vegas

Sublue in NAB Show Live in Las Vegas

Sublue goes to NAB 2019 to demonstrate a new way to capture underwater content.

2019 was our first year to exhibit with NAB and it was such a great experience. We got to talk with producers and underwater filmmakers from all around the world and introduce them to our WhiteShark Mix and Navbow scooters. We had three unique set ups mounted on the cameras to give these film makers examples of how they can mount their own equipment to get those hard to film shots.

  • FPV – Our first set up was our Mix with a bridge attached to the action camera mount allowing for additional attachment points which we used for underwater lights. This set up would give people the ability to film everything in front of them with extra light for night time, deeper water, or overcast conditions.
  • Selfie – Next we set up the Mix with a couple extension arms and a double mount to have a light and selfe cam or 360 cam up front. This allows the diver to film themselves in action, great for social media or promotional cuts.
  • Rig – Lastly we set up the Navbow with a larger bridge, DSLR, and extra lights to show that even larger cameras with professional housings can be mounted. Coupled with the three speeds and longer run time this makes Navbow the choice for filmmakers that need to get close to or follow marine animals and helps create a stable platform for technical filming as well.

We had a great week at NAB and thanks to the NAB Live team we were even featured in the wrap up show. See the video attached for a quick run down.


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